Here are the sketches I got from WonderCon 2009.

First batch is Iron Man by Ryan Benjamin and Scary Godmother from Jill Thompson.

The next group is from Gelatometti. See my earlier post for lavish praise. Leatherface from Joel Gomez. Rorschach from Livio Ramondelli. Juggernaut from Eddie Nunez. And, Starfire from JJ Kirby.

Here is The Shadow by Tom Gianni. Punisher by Howard Chaykin. Hawkgirl by Ryan Sook and Travis Charest drew Captain America. I found out Howard lives near where I grew up and shares a love for theatre with my wife.

Next up is Mr. Incredible by Ryan “Cheeks” Galloway. Chewbacca by Justin Chung and Kabuki by David Mack. Also, Wonder Woman by Aaron Lopresti. For those of you willing to spend the coin, I recommend checking out Mack’s portfolio. The work in there, particularly the mixed media and coloring is amazing.

The next group both have Stan Sakai art. First, a detailed sketch of Usagi by Stan. Next, a combo piece of Usagi and Groo by Stan and Sergio Aragones.

Last sketch is Dr. Doom by Stuart Sayger.

That’s all. I hope you enjoyed the report.

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