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The Savage Sword of Conan, Volume 1

Following the huge popularity of Conan the Barbarian, Volume 1 of the magazine “The Savage Sword of Conan” was published in August 1974 featuring more stories of Conan. A panel of talented comic artists and writers contributed to that magazine and as a result it became equally successful as Conan the Barbarian series. Just being […]

Spawn #1: Questions I

Spawn #1 was the pioneer of a new type of superhero comics. The award-winning comic creator Todd McFarlene, just having left Marvel, was trying to break the stereotype superhero image of Marvel and DC. And thus he created “Spawn”, a demonic anti-hero send back from afterlife. Spawn debuted with this issue entitled “Questions I” and […]

Long Beach Comic Con

The first ever Long Beach Comic Con was held a couple of weeks ago in Southern California. For a first time affair, the convention was fun and well attended. Saturday was packed with collectors and families. Vintage comic book collectors were not disappointed. There were a number of national and local dealers with good stock […]

X-Men Origins – Wolverine – Hulk 181

Ever since the new X-Men movie has been out, X-Men Origins Wolverine, we have received a number of emails about the first appearance of Wolverine. The first appearance of Wolverine is accepted to be in a full story in Hulk #181. The classic cover of Wolverine battling The Hulk was drawn by Herb Trimpe. However, […]

WonderCon 2009 – ComicSeeker Sketches

Here are the sketches I got from WonderCon 2009. First batch is Iron Man by Ryan Benjamin and Scary Godmother from Jill Thompson. The next group is from Gelatometti. See my earlier post for lavish praise. Leatherface from Joel Gomez. Rorschach from Livio Ramondelli. Juggernaut from Eddie Nunez. And, Starfire from JJ Kirby. Here is […]

WonderCon 2009 ComicSeeker Report

I woke up at 5:15AM Friday to make a 7:45AM flight to SFO. I made it to the airport with time to spare. I flew United and the terminal at SFO has a nice display of “Space Pop Culture” from the 1950’s. Since I was in no rush, I browsed most of the exhibit which […]

The Spirit Movie Now Out

The Spirit movie is now out in theatres. It’s been out since Christmas, but I have not yet had a chance to see it. Unfortunately, the reviews are not that great. However, The Spirit comics are timeless classics and well worth reading. The spirit was created by Will Eisner and was initially published as a […]

Convention Report: Baltimore Comic-Con

I went to the Baltimore Comic-Con last weekend and had a great time time. I arrived late Thursday and had dinner before turning in. Friday, I spent the day at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, which will get a separate post soon. Saturday was the first day of the convention. Instead of starting off with the golden […]

Superman Heirs Win Copyright to Superman

After many years, the heirs of Superman’s co-creator, Jerry Siegel, have won the copyright to Superman. Read about Superman’s copyright here. Seventy years ago, in 1938, Jerome Siegel and Joseph Shuster created Superman and sold the rights to Detective Comics (DC Comics, owned by Time Warner) for a mere $130. Time Warner is challenging the […]