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Amazing Spider-Man #121: The Death of Gwen Stacy

In 1973, the Spider-Man creators did the unthinkable and stunned the comic book world. In what is now considered to be one of the pivotal issues that transitioned the comic book industry from the optimistic heroism of the Silver Age to the darker, more violent Bronze Age – the powers-that-be killed off a character that […]

Battlestar Galactica #1, Marvels adaptation of the popular TV series

Before the 2000s Galactica craze there was the original series, back in the seventies, also excellent on its own. After the success of the early episodes, the Glen A. Larson creation was picked by Marvel Comics for a comic adaptation. The pilot of the series, Saga of a Star World, was adapted as an issue […]

Avengers #1, First Ever Avengers from 1963

Following the success of DC’s Justice League of America, in 1963 Marvel launched its own team of superheroes, The Avengers. The series was created by Marvel’s star creative team, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, who picked a roster of heroes who were arguably more attractive as a team than acting alone. The founding members of […]

Old Comics for Sale – Golden, Silver and Bronze Age

The Internet has revolutionized the way old comic books are sold. A simple search demonstrates that old comics for sale can be found via auction sites, classifieds and comic book dealer websites. With the holidays approaching, we wanted to take the time to remind readers that vintage old comics can be searched for via […]

Giant Size X-Men #1 – First New X-Men Team

During the middle of the Bronze Age, the X-Men were a lagging title for Marvel. However, with the release of Giant Size X-Men #1, that all changed. In this issue, a new team of X-Men was assembled by Professor X to save the original X-Men. From this issue, you get a long list of mutants […]

Iron Fist #14 – First Sabretooth, Wolverine’s Enemy

Iron Fist #14, was published by Marvel Comics in 1977. Iron Fist would end with the last issue, making it a classic Bronze Age short run. However, most notable for this series was this 14th issue, which was newstand priced at 30 cents (or 35 cents, depending on which version you picked up). This issue […]

Secrets of Haunted House

Happy Halloween. In honor of today, ComicSeeker proudly displays a classic bronze age horror/suspense comic book cover from DC. This is Secrets of Haunted House, published in 1975. Art is by Luis Dominguez.

X-Men Origins – Wolverine – Hulk 181

Ever since the new X-Men movie has been out, X-Men Origins Wolverine, we have received a number of emails about the first appearance of Wolverine. The first appearance of Wolverine is accepted to be in a full story in Hulk #181. The classic cover of Wolverine battling The Hulk was drawn by Herb Trimpe. However, […]

Restored Comic Book Prices of Silver and Bronze Age Comics

In this third post about setting prices and the value of restored comics, let’s review the impact to Silver Age and Bronze Age comic books. First, the previous discussion was primarily aimed at Golden Age and Platinum Age comic books. Those are generally the comics that have value in lower grade, thereby potentially justifying the […]

What is a High Grade Comic Book

For many collectors, the only comics worth having in their collection are high grade comics. The aesthetic of the comic book and collectibility increases when the comic book is in better condition. But, considering that grading comic books is so subjective, one persons high grade treasure could be another persons mid-grade filler. First off, age […]