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Most Valuable Comics in the World

For a long time now, old and rare comic books have not been cheap. When you take a look at the blue chips of the comic book market, they can be downright pricey. Rob, over at It’s All Just Comics, maintains a list of comic books that are valued at $100,000 or more. I thought […]

Steve Borock, formerly of CGC, Joins Heritage Auction Galleries

In the small world of collectible comic books, this is big news. Congratulations to Steve Borock on his new post at Heritage. Here is the press release. Heritage Auction Galleries has added Steve Borock to its staff of comic experts, the Dallas-based firm announced today, Jan. 29 ,2009. “Steve is one of the best-known and […]

Down Economy? Invest in Comic Books

On the September 29, 2008 Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, Keith made the following comment: The House scuttles the bailout, the stock market plummets what happens next? Should you be running to the bank in the morning? Move all your money into vintage comic books? Interestly, after a quick Google search, there are several […]

Featured Comic Book Dealer: ComicLink

Second to Ebay, ComicLink is one of the largest dealers of comic books and comic art on the Internet. Although, to be fair, like Ebay, they aren’t a traditional comic book dealer but more of a consignment house. However, what that gets you is one of the largest selections of raw and CGC graded comic […]

AmaIng Fantasy #15, first Spider-Man

Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Peter Parker as Spider-Man is the hottest back issue in comics right now. This past summer I sold my CGC graded 3.0, unrestored copy at the San Diego comic-con for a lot more than I paid for it. I thought the market had begin to slow down for […]

Featured Comic Book Dealer: Bedrock City Comics

The Featured Comic Book Dealer is an ongoing series to profile the online comic book dealers and websites that are shown in the comic book search results of Bedrock City Comics is a small chain of comic retail stores based in Texas. They also have one of the largest selection of Gold, Silver and Bronze […]

Featured Comic Book Dealer: Collectors Assemble

The Featured Comic Book Dealer is an ongoing series to profile the online comic book dealers and websites that are shown in the comic book search results of Collectors Assemble is one of the websites run by long-time reputable dealer Marnin Rosenberg. The name is a play on the call for the Avengers, Avengers, Assemble! […]

From Poor to Mint, What are Comic Book Grades

Comic Book Grades All comic books, whether they are modern, or rare Golden Age, should be graded on the same scale. There are accepted industry standards outlined by the Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide as well as by CGC (Comics Guaranty Corporation). The old school standard was based on a descriptive grade that ranged from […]

Find High Grade and Eclectic Bronze Age Comics

Comic book dealers and fans have a hard time pinpointing the exact beginning of any of the ages, the bronze age being no different. However, one theme stands out near the beginning is the risk Marvel and DC took to publish Amazing Spider-Man 96-98 and Green Lantern starting with #76. Those issues dealt with social […]