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Value of Restored Comics vs Comic Books that have Conservation

Since I’ve received some comments on the last post about the value of restored comic books, I have received some comments that I thought would be helpful for readers. First, clarification on what is comic book restoration. There are many different points of view on what constitutes restoration and what is conservation of a comic […]

Value of a Comic Book that has been Restored

The comic book collecting community has taken an obvious stance when it comes to pricing restored comic books. Generally, a restored comic book is valued between one-fourth and one-half of the value of the same book, in the same condition, but unrestored. This trend is only about 6-8 years old, since the advent of CGC […]

From Poor to Mint, What are Comic Book Grades

Comic Book Grades All comic books, whether they are modern, or rare Golden Age, should be graded on the same scale. There are accepted industry standards outlined by the Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide as well as by CGC (Comics Guaranty Corporation). The old school standard was based on a descriptive grade that ranged from […]