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Amazing Spider-Man #121: The Death of Gwen Stacy

In 1973, the Spider-Man creators did the unthinkable and stunned the comic book world. In what is now considered to be one of the pivotal issues that transitioned the comic book industry from the optimistic heroism of the Silver Age to the darker, more violent Bronze Age – the powers-that-be killed off a character that […]

Captain America #117: First appearance of The Falcon in 1969

Black superheroes have become part and parcel of pop culture. There’s Blade, the half-human, half-vampire creature slayer whose popularity has spawned a huge fan following after four movies; Storm, the mutant weather master, from the  wildly successful X-Men comics and films; Spawn, War Machine, John Stewart (who took up the Green Lantern mantle), the list […]

Silver Surfer #1 Premiered in 1968 near the end of the Silver Age

The Silver Surfer debuted in the Fantastic Four series as a secondary character, conceived by Jack Kirby, who introduced him as the herald of interplanetary conqueror Galactus. Despite not being pleased with Kirby creating a character without asking him, Stan Lee soon developed a great fondness for the Surfer, and over time he’d write numerous […]

Pep Comics #22 in 1941 featured The Shield, but is best known as the first ever appearance of Archie

Pep Comics started off in 1939 as an anthology comic magazine, primarily revolving around action-adventure stories. Its main feature was The Shield, a patriotic hero notable for sporting a flag-themed suit, more than a year before Captain America debuted. In 1941, even though World War II was at its height, publisher John L. Goldwater decided […]

New Teen Titans #1 had its debut from DC in 1980, powered by the team of Marv Wolfman and George Perez

After two early versions, in the 60s and 70s, the Teen Titans most widely known incarnation debuted in 1980, under the name New Teen Titans. Young heroes had always had a place in the DC Universe, and the success of Marvel’s X-Men moved DC to reactivate the franchise, mixing three founding members (Robin, Kid Flash […]

New Mutants #87 featured the first appearance of Cable in 1990

Chris Claremont’s run as writer of The Uncanny X-Men in the early 80s was an enormous success, which inevitably led to the launch of several spin-offs. The first of them was The New Mutants, which revolved around the concept of powered teenagers under the protection of Charles Xavier, just like the X-Men, but still in […]

Marvel Mystery Comics #1 premiered in 1939, published by Timely Comics, the first ever Marvel Comic

1939 was arguably the most transcendental year in western comics’ history – It saw the birth of Superman and Batman, and also the debut of the magazine which would become the seed for the whole Marvel Universe. At the end of the thirties, comic-books were becoming popular, and pulp-magazine publisher Martin Goodman decided to expand […]

Fantastic Four #5 features the First appearance of Dr. Doom in 1962

Though not belonging to the golden age, most of Marvel’s series early issues are quite significant and valuable nowadays. Such is the case of Fantastic Four #5, which features the first appearance of Marvel Universe’s king of villains – Doctor Doom. Victor Von Doom, a former fellow student of Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic), arrives […]

Detective Comics #38 from 1940, origin and first appearance of Robin, the Boy Wonder

Detective Comics #38 was a landmark in the Batman mythology, since it featured the debut of the caped crusader’s sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder. Thus, whether you’re a fan of the Robin concept or not, the historical significance of this issue can’t be denied. Young Dick Grayson lives a happy life working with his parents […]

Battlestar Galactica #1, Marvels adaptation of the popular TV series

Before the 2000s Galactica craze there was the original series, back in the seventies, also excellent on its own. After the success of the early episodes, the Glen A. Larson creation was picked by Marvel Comics for a comic adaptation. The pilot of the series, Saga of a Star World, was adapted as an issue […]