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Avengers #1, First Ever Avengers from 1963

Following the success of DC’s Justice League of America, in 1963 Marvel launched its own team of superheroes, The Avengers. The series was created by Marvel’s star creative team, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, who picked a roster of heroes who were arguably more attractive as a team than acting alone. The founding members of […]

Archie Comics #1: Setting a new auction world record

It’s official. Archie and the Riverdale gang have clobbered the Hulk and Spider-Man…in the auction battleground at least. Just recently in 2011, at the Heritage Auctions’ Signature Vintage Comics & Comics Art Auction, a copy of Archie Comics #1 broke the world record for most expensive price paid for a non-superhero comic by bringing in […]

All-Star Comics #3

When talking about comic-books, it doesn’t get much more classic than this. All-Star Comics was a magazine featuring the most prominent heroes of anthology titles from All-American and National, the publishing companies which would later merge to become DC. The #3 issue of All-Star Comics became very notable for featuring the first-ever superhero team, the […]

Wolverine #1: Sword Quest

Wolverine #1, which came out with the title “Sword Quest”, initiated the popular solo series of Wolverine. Wolverine, one of the most popular members of X-men first appeared in the 180th issue of Incredible Hulk in October 1974. The growing popularity of the character led Marvel to launch a 4-issue mini-series by Frank Miller in […]

Superman # 75: The Death of Superman

Superman may even defeated and die. Can’t believe it? Well, in that case you have probably missed Superman # 75, entitled “The Death of Superman” which was published in 1993. This landmark issue was published in two editions: a normal newsstand edition and a Collector’s Edition packed in a black polybag along with an obituary […]

The Savage Sword of Conan, Volume 1

Following the huge popularity of Conan the Barbarian, Volume 1 of the magazine “The Savage Sword of Conan” was published in August 1974 featuring more stories of Conan. A panel of talented comic artists and writers contributed to that magazine and as a result it became equally successful as Conan the Barbarian series. Just being […]

The Amazing Spider-Man #50: Spider-Man No More!

Amazing Spider-Man # 50 came with the one of the most spectacular cover and storyline of the series. Besides being a landmark issue, it introduced Kingpin who later evolved to be the most organized villain of Marvel universe. The book also mentioned the origin of Spider-man to some extend, and a brief flashback of Uncle […]

Sgt. Rock # 302

Sgt. Rock, issue # 302 featured a thrill packed story of Sergeant Frank Rock. The wonderful artwork did the justice of the equally attractive story. The issue featured the team Easy Company. With the presence of all members of the team alongside Sergeant Rock, this issue is certainly an item to collect. The cover featured […]

Marvel Mystery Comics #9

The 9th issue of Marvel Mystery Comics is now considered as a coveted gem of Golden Age of Comic Books. This 68 page issue was published by Timely Comics, the predecessor of Modern day Marvel. In fact Timely Comics made their entry in comics publication with these series. The issue featured a number of classic […]

Spawn #1: Questions I

Spawn #1 was the pioneer of a new type of superhero comics. The award-winning comic creator Todd McFarlene, just having left Marvel, was trying to break the stereotype superhero image of Marvel and DC. And thus he created “Spawn”, a demonic anti-hero send back from afterlife. Spawn debuted with this issue entitled “Questions I” and […]