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Martin Luther King Jr. Comic Book

Comic books celebrate people, events and things. Today, happens to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States. His life was chronicled in a 10 cent comic book in 1956, Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story. This comic book was published in 1956 by Fellowship of Reconciliation. It was short, even by […]

Comic Book Backing Boards – which side for your comic

I just read an interesting thread over at the CGC forums. Someone did an experiment on standard backing boards to determine which side you should place your comic book against. First, the tester conducted his pH test on standard comic book boards that you find in most comic book shops. These are the boards that […]

Restored Comic Book Prices of Silver and Bronze Age Comics

In this third post about setting prices and the value of restored comics, let’s review the impact to Silver Age and Bronze Age comic books. First, the previous discussion was primarily aimed at Golden Age and Platinum Age comic books. Those are generally the comics that have value in lower grade, thereby potentially justifying the […]

Value of Restored Comics vs Comic Books that have Conservation

Since I’ve received some comments on the last post about the value of restored comic books, I have received some comments that I thought would be helpful for readers. First, clarification on what is comic book restoration. There are many different points of view on what constitutes restoration and what is conservation of a comic […]

Value of a Comic Book that has been Restored

The comic book collecting community has taken an obvious stance when it comes to pricing restored comic books. Generally, a restored comic book is valued between one-fourth and one-half of the value of the same book, in the same condition, but unrestored. This trend is only about 6-8 years old, since the advent of CGC […]

Old Comic Books with Walt Disney Christmas Themes

There are countless Disney comic books, both rare and commonly available, with Christmas themes. Disney did publish a few very specific Christmas titled comic books. The following is the first issue of Walt Disney’s Christmas Parade published by Dell Comics in 1949. This 132 page comic book from the Golden Age was penciled by Walt […]

Old Christmas Comic Books

I was thinking of doing a series of posts to highlight Christmas Comic Books from the Golden Age, Silver Age to the Present. So, I took a quick look at the Grand Comics Database and was amazed to find 77 comic book titles with Christmas in the title. That count does not include comic books […]

10 Mil Mylar for Comic Book Storage Follow-Up

This is a short post to update everyone on 10 mil mylar for your vintage comics. Last week I wrote about this new product from Bill Cole Enterprises and sent them a request for a sample. I received the mylar sample in the mail. It was not a full mylar. There is no way you […]

Comic Book Circulation Data – The Comics Chronicles

I recently came across a new website call The Comics Chronicles. This site is a great resource for comics data. More specifically, circulation data. The information is a great help to get an understanding of the overall health of the comic book industry and of specific comic book titles. The amount of data is vast […]

Protect Your Valuable Comics with 10 Mil Mylar

Protecting your rare and valuable comics is a serious consideration for every comic book collector. For newer comics, many of you simply keep the comic in a poly bag with a simple backing board for stiffness. However, as you begin to think about more expensive comics, such as your high grade Marvel Amazing Spider-Man comics, […]