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New Teen Titans #1 had its debut from DC in 1980, powered by the team of Marv Wolfman and George Perez

After two early versions, in the 60s and 70s, the Teen Titans most widely known incarnation debuted in 1980, under the name New Teen Titans. Young heroes had always had a place in the DC Universe, and the success of Marvel’s X-Men moved DC to reactivate the franchise, mixing three founding members (Robin, Kid Flash […]

Detective Comics #38 from 1940, origin and first appearance of Robin, the Boy Wonder

Detective Comics #38 was a landmark in the Batman mythology, since it featured the debut of the caped crusader’s sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder. Thus, whether you’re a fan of the Robin concept or not, the historical significance of this issue can’t be denied. Young Dick Grayson lives a happy life working with his parents […]

All-Star Comics #3

When talking about comic-books, it doesn’t get much more classic than this. All-Star Comics was a magazine featuring the most prominent heroes of anthology titles from All-American and National, the publishing companies which would later merge to become DC. The #3 issue of All-Star Comics became very notable for featuring the first-ever superhero team, the […]

Superman # 75: The Death of Superman

Superman may even defeated and die. Can’t believe it? Well, in that case you have probably missed Superman # 75, entitled “The Death of Superman” which was published in 1993. This landmark issue was published in two editions: a normal newsstand edition and a Collector’s Edition packed in a black polybag along with an obituary […]

Sgt. Rock # 302

Sgt. Rock, issue # 302 featured a thrill packed story of Sergeant Frank Rock. The wonderful artwork did the justice of the equally attractive story. The issue featured the team Easy Company. With the presence of all members of the team alongside Sergeant Rock, this issue is certainly an item to collect. The cover featured […]

Adventure Comics #40

Adventure Comics # 40 is one of the most important classic issues of this long-running series from DC. The issue featured a handful of characters including The Sandman, Barry O’Neill, Jack Woods, Captain Desmo, Don Coyote, Bulldog Martin, Socko Strong, Skip Schuyler, Rusty and Taurus the Bull. The issue featured 11 comic stories along with […]

Old Comics for Sale – Golden, Silver and Bronze Age

The Internet has revolutionized the way old comic books are sold. A simple search demonstrates that old comics for sale can be found via auction sites, classifieds and comic book dealer websites. With the holidays approaching, we wanted to take the time to remind readers that vintage old comics can be searched for via […]

Batman #47 – Detailed Origin of Batman

The first detailed origin of Batman was in the Golden Age. The comic was Batman #47 and featured a young Bruce Wayne on the cover mourning the death of his parents. This comic was published in 1948, about 8 years after Batman first appeared in Detective Comics 27. The origin story was written by Bill […]

Flash 123 – Flash of Two Worlds

A major key of the comic book universe is Flash #123, published by DC in 1961. This issue was titled “Flash of Two Worlds” and featured the re-appearance of the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick and the first mention of Earth-2. The story was written by Gardner Fox, illustrated by Carmine Infantino and inked by […]

Secrets of Haunted House

Happy Halloween. In honor of today, ComicSeeker proudly displays a classic bronze age horror/suspense comic book cover from DC. This is Secrets of Haunted House, published in 1975. Art is by Luis Dominguez.