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New Mutants #87 featured the first appearance of Cable in 1990

Chris Claremont’s run as writer of The Uncanny X-Men in the early 80s was an enormous success, which inevitably led to the launch of several spin-offs. The first of them was The New Mutants, which revolved around the concept of powered teenagers under the protection of Charles Xavier, just like the X-Men, but still in […]

Wolverine #1: Sword Quest

Wolverine #1, which came out with the title “Sword Quest”, initiated the popular solo series of Wolverine. Wolverine, one of the most popular members of X-men first appeared in the 180th issue of Incredible Hulk in October 1974. The growing popularity of the character led Marvel to launch a 4-issue mini-series by Frank Miller in […]

Superman # 75: The Death of Superman

Superman may even defeated and die. Can’t believe it? Well, in that case you have probably missed Superman # 75, entitled “The Death of Superman” which was published in 1993. This landmark issue was published in two editions: a normal newsstand edition and a Collector’s Edition packed in a black polybag along with an obituary […]

The Amazing Spider-Man #50: Spider-Man No More!

Amazing Spider-Man # 50 came with the one of the most spectacular cover and storyline of the series. Besides being a landmark issue, it introduced Kingpin who later evolved to be the most organized villain of Marvel universe. The book also mentioned the origin of Spider-man to some extend, and a brief flashback of Uncle […]

Spawn #1: Questions I

Spawn #1 was the pioneer of a new type of superhero comics. The award-winning comic creator Todd McFarlene, just having left Marvel, was trying to break the stereotype superhero image of Marvel and DC. And thus he created “Spawn”, a demonic anti-hero send back from afterlife. Spawn debuted with this issue entitled “Questions I” and […]

The New Mutants #98

The New Mutants # 98 is a breakthrough issue of the series as Deadpool appeared in this issue for the first time ever. A complicated storyline, participation of a number of characters and great artwork made the book a treasure of modern age comic. Three newly introduced characters were the main focus on the cover. […]

Old Comics for Sale – Golden, Silver and Bronze Age

The Internet has revolutionized the way old comic books are sold. A simple search demonstrates that old comics for sale can be found via auction sites, classifieds and comic book dealer websites. With the holidays approaching, we wanted to take the time to remind readers that vintage old comics can be searched for via […]

Archie Soap Opera with Betty and Veronica

Well, news reports of Archie marrying Veronica have now switched. Reports are now saying in the upcoming Archie #603, that he marries Betty. What? Is this an unfortunate ploy by Archie’s publisher to sell more comics? You bet. From the fans point of view, has all this been good or bad? Regardless, it has made […]

WonderCon 2009 ComicSeeker Report

I woke up at 5:15AM Friday to make a 7:45AM flight to SFO. I made it to the airport with time to spare. I flew United and the terminal at SFO has a nice display of “Space Pop Culture” from the 1950’s. Since I was in no rush, I browsed most of the exhibit which […]

Batman Dead?

With the hype and publicity surrounding the special appearance of Barrack Obama in the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, I missed the apparent death of Batman. This happened in Final Crisis #6. The last issue of Final Crisis, #7, comes out today. First off, spoiler alert. Don’t read ahead if you don’t want to know […]