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Update: Martin Luther King

I forgot to add a link to my previous Marthin Luther King Jr. post. The comic book has been scanned is available for reading online. It is highly recommended. Read the comic book online.

Martin Luther King Jr. Comic Book

Comic books celebrate people, events and things. Today, happens to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States. His life was chronicled in a 10 cent comic book in 1956, Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story. This comic book was published in 1956 by Fellowship of Reconciliation. It was short, even by […]

Value of Restored Comics vs Comic Books that have Conservation

Since I’ve received some comments on the last post about the value of restored comic books, I have received some comments that I thought would be helpful for readers. First, clarification on what is comic book restoration. There are many different points of view on what constitutes restoration and what is conservation of a comic […]

Old Comic Books with Walt Disney Christmas Themes

There are countless Disney comic books, both rare and commonly available, with Christmas themes. Disney did publish a few very specific Christmas titled comic books. The following is the first issue of Walt Disney’s Christmas Parade published by Dell Comics in 1949. This 132 page comic book from the Golden Age was penciled by Walt […]

All-Star Batman and Robin #10 Printing Defect

All-Star Batman and Robin #10 was released and recalled yesterday. Apparently, some curse words that were supposed to be blacked out were not fully blacked out. Although DC did a recall, many issues were sold and are now going for $20 or more on Ebay. Some might think so, but, I would not call this […]

Featured Comic Book Dealer: Collectors Assemble

The Featured Comic Book Dealer is an ongoing series to profile the online comic book dealers and websites that are shown in the comic book search results of Collectors Assemble is one of the websites run by long-time reputable dealer Marnin Rosenberg. The name is a play on the call for the Avengers, Avengers, Assemble! […]

Featured Comic Book Dealer: ComicConnect

The Featured Comic Book Dealer is an ongoing series to profile the online comic book dealers and websites that are shown in the comic book search results of is a 1-year old comic book marketplace and comic exchange. It is owned by Metropolis Comics. Initially, the comic book inventory on the site was primarily owned […]

Finding Silver Age Collectible Comics

In the mid-1950’s, the comic book industry was under scrutiny by conservative pundits taking advantage of the cold war hysteria of the day. Comic books of every genre were being published by DC, Timely, Gold Key, Archie, Harvey, Dell, EC, Classics, Four Color and more. But, in 1956, DC published Showcase #4 with a renewed […]

How to Search for Collectible Comics on the Web

Where to Find Comics The two best places to find comics are the Internet and the world famous San Diego Comic-Con. Visiting the local comic store is still an option, but your changes of finding that Amazing Spider-Man #1 is slim. In this article, we’ll focus on how to find comics on the Internet. Specifically, […]