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Giant Size X-Men #1 – First New X-Men Team

During the middle of the Bronze Age, the X-Men were a lagging title for Marvel. However, with the release of Giant Size X-Men #1, that all changed. In this issue, a new team of X-Men was assembled by Professor X to save the original X-Men. From this issue, you get a long list of mutants […]

Flash 123 – Flash of Two Worlds

A major key of the comic book universe is Flash #123, published by DC in 1961. This issue was titled “Flash of Two Worlds” and featured the re-appearance of the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick and the first mention of Earth-2. The story was written by Gardner Fox, illustrated by Carmine Infantino and inked by […]

Amazing Spider-man #50, Spider-Man No More

Arguably, one of the greatest Amazing Spider-Man covers is #50 and the story titled “Spider-Man No More”. This issue features a large image of Spider-Man on the mostly all red cover. Peter Parker is walking away from the spidey image with his head down. This issue has the first appearance of one of Marvel’s greatest […]

Archie Soap Opera with Betty and Veronica

Well, news reports of Archie marrying Veronica have now switched. Reports are now saying in the upcoming Archie #603, that he marries Betty. What? Is this an unfortunate ploy by Archie’s publisher to sell more comics? You bet. From the fans point of view, has all this been good or bad? Regardless, it has made […]

Batman Dead?

With the hype and publicity surrounding the special appearance of Barrack Obama in the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, I missed the apparent death of Batman. This happened in Final Crisis #6. The last issue of Final Crisis, #7, comes out today. First off, spoiler alert. Don’t read ahead if you don’t want to know […]

Remember Pearl Harbor Comic Book

Today is December 7, 2008. It is a day many remember as Pearl Harbor Day, or, “a day that will live in infamy.” On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Although war themes were becoming popular in the golden age comics books prior to this day, at was the attack on Pearl Harbor […]