Arguably, one of the greatest Amazing Spider-Man covers is #50 and the story titled “Spider-Man No More”. This issue features a large image of Spider-Man on the mostly all red cover. Peter Parker is walking away from the spidey image with his head down.

This issue has the first appearance of one of Marvel’s greatest villains, Kingpin. The story was written by Stan Lee and illustrated by John Romita Sr. Inks were done by Mickey Demeo. The 12 cent issue was on the newstands July of 1967.

The story is just as great as the cover. Although it is the beginning of an arc, there are many aspects that Stan Lee put into this story that are classic Spider-Man. Peter Parker dealing with school, Aunt May getting sick and J. Jonah putting a price on Spider-Man. Although Kingpin doesn’t appear until halfway through this issue, there is plenty of spider swinging action.

Amazing Spider-Man 50 is a classic of the Silver Age of comics. The current value for this issue is fairly high, but reprints are affordably priced and easily available.

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