Before the 2000s Galactica craze there was the original series, back in the seventies, also excellent on its own. After the success of the early episodes, the Glen A. Larson creation was picked by Marvel Comics for a comic adaptation. The pilot of the series, Saga of a Star World, was adapted as an issue of the Marvel Super Special comic magazine, which featured one-shot stories longer than a regular comic-book. This opening story would be later split into the first three issues of the Battlestar Galactica regular comic-book series, which would last for two years.

It’s interesting to note that Marvel’s contract didn’t allow them to adapt the TV scripts beyond chapter 5, so everything that follows after that are original stories. This allowed for interesting plot developments, such as the absence of Captain Adam for six issues –with the resulting problems on the ship- and the introduction of several villains beside the Cylons, mainly alien monsters of different kinds. The creative teamed was most often formed by Roger MacKenzie as writer and none other than Walt Simonson at the pencils. A most interesting detail is that the detachment from the aired scripts allowed the comic-books to wrap up the story with an ending of its own, unlike the TV series, whose 2nd season wasn’t greenlighted due mostly to high costs. Battlestar Galactica #1 appeared in March 1979, with story by McKenzie and art by Ernie Colón, and despite its 32-year antiquity it can be purchased in good condition for $14.

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