During the middle of the Bronze Age, the X-Men were a lagging title for Marvel. However, with the release of Giant Size X-Men #1, that all changed. In this issue, a new team of X-Men was assembled by Professor X to save the original X-Men. From this issue, you get a long list of mutants to call X-Men, they are:

  • Angel
  • Banshee, who joins as a new X-Men
  • Colossus, in his first appearance
  • Cyclops
  • Havok, who joins
  • Iceman
  • Lorna Dane, who joins
  • Marvel Girl
  • Nightcrawler, first appearance
  • Storm (Ororo), first appearance
  • Sunfire, joins team
  • Thunderbird, first appearance
  • Wolverine, joins team

This issue was on the newstand in May, 1975 with a cover price of 50 cents. Today, Giant Size X-Men #1 is valued at several hundred dollars.

This issue was written by Len Wein. Cover art by Gil Kane and interior cover art by Dave Cockrum.

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