Iron Fist #14, was published by Marvel Comics in 1977. Iron Fist would end with the last issue, making it a classic Bronze Age short run. However, most notable for this series was this 14th issue, which was newstand priced at 30 cents (or 35 cents, depending on which version you picked up).

This issue is most noted as the first appearance of Sabretooth, a key villain in the Marvel Universe. Actually, Sabretooth is a key villain of Wolverine. So, although the series was short lived, Iron Fist remains highly valued due to this first appearance. Although Iron Fist wins in the end, he does get a good beating by Sabretooth, making for a good read.

This issue was written by Chris Claremont and pencilled by John Byrne. The comic is readily available in most grades, and, considering the cost of Wolverine’s first appearance in Hulk 181, this is very much affordable.

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