The first ever Long Beach Comic Con was held a couple of weeks ago in Southern California. For a first time affair, the convention was fun and well attended. Saturday was packed with collectors and families.

Vintage comic book collectors were not disappointed. There were a number of national and local dealers with good stock on hand.

  • Harley Yee
  • Nationwide Comics
  • Graham Crackers
  • A-1 Comics
  • Colossal Comics
  • Steve Wyatt
  • Scott Hudlow
  • Ed Robertson
  • Spare Bedroom Comics

The Marvel Silver Age keys were well represented. Given how hot Iron Man is, there were several copies of his first appearance, Tales of Suspense 39, available. Graham Crackers had 3 copies of Showcase 4, the first appearance of the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen. There were a few copies of Amazing Fantasy 15, the first Spider-Man and Spider-Man 1.

Missing from the key Silver Age titles were The Incredible Hulk #1 and Journey Into Mystery 83, the first Thor.

On the Golden Age side, Harley Yee had a number of beautiful war-era Timelys, such as Marvel Mystery and Captain America. Over at Nationwide, Terry had quite a few DCs, particularly Batman and Superman.

For those interested in Original Art, there was one dealer, Coollines. However, the action was in the artist alley. The artists were set-up in the center of the convention hall. They were very accessible to fans. There were a number of pages available direct from the artists as well as commissions.

For a first time con, Long Beach was a success.

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