Chris Claremont’s run as writer of The Uncanny X-Men in the early 80s was an enormous success, which inevitably led to the launch of several spin-offs. The first of them was The New Mutants, which revolved around the concept of powered teenagers under the protection of Charles Xavier, just like the X-Men, but still in the training phase. Claremont doubled his workload by also scripting this title, which he imbued with a darker tone than the regular series. The New Mutants original members were Karma, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Psyche and Sunspot, new to the Marvel Universe.

Through the years, the series saw a lot of changes in the team’s lineup as well as in authorship, with varying degrees of success. In 1989, a young Rob Liefeld would take over as penciller and co-plotter, soon revitalizing the title. Pivotal to its popularity was the introduction of Cable, a cyborg-mutant with psychic powers who soon became the leader of the team, and whose surprising origins would only be known some time later. Since Cable’s arrival turned the slow-selling New Mutants into a hit title, issue #87 is arguably the most important in the series run, and the seed for X-Force, the new name it would receive shortly after. Nevertheless, it’s not a difficult issue to find, and mint condition copies can be purchased for $20.

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