After two early versions, in the 60s and 70s, the Teen Titans most widely known incarnation debuted in 1980, under the name New Teen Titans. Young heroes had always had a place in the DC Universe, and the success of Marvel’s X-Men moved DC to reactivate the franchise, mixing three founding members (Robin, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl) with newcomers Beast Boy (aka Changeling), Cyborg, Starfire and Raven. Despite having to compete with the popular X-Men and better-known adult superheroes of DC, the title was very succesfull, probably due to its outstanding  creative team, formed by Marv Wolfman at the scripts and George Perez at the pencils, who would both author Crisis on Infinite Earths some years later.

The series went on for 130 issues, during which the team would see numerous changes in its roster, as well as in its members’ personalities. New Teen Titans would be cancelled in 1996, only to be re-started with a new name and numeration later that year. Its current incarnation has been running since 2011. New Teen Titans #1, the issue that started this enduring franchise, features the origin story of the team, which was formed by the half-demoness Raven to fight her evil father. Despite being a significant comic-book, copies in prime condition can be found for $25.

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