In this third post about setting prices and the value of restored comics, let’s review the impact to Silver Age and Bronze Age comic books.

First, the previous discussion was primarily aimed at Golden Age and Platinum Age comic books. Those are generally the comics that have value in lower grade, thereby potentially justifying the restoration work.

When pricing restored Silver Age and Bronze Age comics, the negative hit to the value of the comic is potentially greater. The reason for this is very simple, the comics are not as rare. My comic book collection has a Flash Comics #5 from 1940 that has been restored. My guess of the value is probably 30-35% of the unrestored value. However, there are simply not that many of these comics around. My guess is anywhere from 100-1000 copies in existance. A search for Flash Comics #5 right now show that there are no copies available for purchase at this time.

I also have a Flash #123 in my collection. Actually, I have four mid-grade copies of this comic. And, a seach on shows that there are about 15 other copies available that I could purchase. If any were restored, I simply would not be interested in buying it given how many choices I have. Therefore, a restored copy, especially in mid-grade, is going to be roughly 20% of the unrestored value.

Bronze Age comics are so readily available that any comic book that is not a major key comic that has been restore can be placed in the $1 box.

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