Sgt. Rock, issue # 302 featured a thrill packed story of Sergeant Frank Rock. The wonderful artwork did the justice of the equally attractive story. The issue featured the team Easy Company. With the presence of all members of the team alongside Sergeant Rock, this issue is certainly an item to collect.

The cover featured a dynamic artwork depicting Sergeant Rock, and Tony, his sidekick for this issue in a crisis moment of battle. The battle story took place in Anzio, Italy. Rock and Private Tony arrived at Sezze, the hometown of Tony. However, things started to turn out bad when they discovered that the Mayor of the town, who unfortunately happened to be Tony’s brother, was a fascist. Sal, the mayor was also married to Therese, the adolescent love interest of Tony. Things started to get even more complicated as the story progressed and Easy Company got involved.

This issue was published in March 1977 from DC Comics. The story was written by Robert Kanighar and the total book including the cover was illustrated by Jo Kubert.

A collector should be ready to pay around $45 for the book. However, books in weak condition might be found at a lower rate. This classic piece is certainly worth collecting, especially when you are a fan of ‘Battle books’.

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