Spawn #1 was the pioneer of a new type of superhero comics. The award-winning comic creator Todd McFarlene, just having left Marvel, was trying to break the stereotype superhero image of Marvel and DC. And thus he created “Spawn”, a demonic anti-hero send back from afterlife. Spawn debuted with this issue entitled “Questions I” and instantly got the attention of readers and critics. Independent comic publisher Image got their cult comic series with the entry of this hero.

The book is one of the finest artwork by Todd McFarlene. It was published in 1992 when the computer aided effects were not very common and all the artworks inside were indeed originally drawn and printed. Al Simmons was an FBI agent who suffered a violent death. He went to the hell and came back to earth as Spawn. He had a bargain with the devil, however, after returning he couldn’t remember anymore what was the bargain about. But, he possessed dark and demonic powers. Spawn started to make sense from the shattered piece of his memory.

Spawn was an essential breakthrough from the cliché ‘heroes-in-tights’ image of superheroes constructed by Marvel or DC. Spawn emerged to be a tortured anti-hero who, unlike sterotype superheroes loves and hates and feels. Though he came from hell, he was more human than most other superheroes at that time. It was no surprise that Spawn quickly became a cult comicbook with a huge number of die-hard followers.

This issue was published in June 1992 by Image Comics. The project was almost single-handedly created by Todd McFarlene. He was the writer, artist and inker of the book. However, Tom Orzechowski was the letterer and Reuben Rude along with Steve Oliff worked as the colorist. Malebolgia was the antagonist of the issue. Among other characters Sam Burke, Twitch Williams and Jessica Tokwell were most prominent. The issue was dedicated to the acclaimed artist Jack Kirby.

This issue is still hugely coveted by the Spawn fans. However, it is not very hard to get either as a large number was printed. The issue can be purchased online at a price within $8 to $20.

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