Superman may even defeated and die. Can’t believe it? Well, in that case you have probably missed Superman # 75, entitled “The Death of Superman” which was published in 1993. This landmark issue was published in two editions: a normal newsstand edition and a Collector’s Edition packed in a black polybag along with an obituary written by R. Lowell Stern , a “The Death of Superman” poster by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding, four commemorative stamps, and a black armband with the Superman shield on it.

The superb cover of this issue featured a torn piece of cloth with Superman’s sign and the silhouettes of mourning Justice League colleagues behind it. Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding made this wonderful cover. The computerized cover for the Collector’s Edition was done by Eric Kachelhofer. In the fight-filled page inside, Superman and Doomsday confront each other for the last time. The fierce battle shattered the windows around. The fight reached climax in front of the Daily Planet office. With a deadly blow received from Doomsday, at last Superman met his end in the arms of his beloved, Lois Lane. Besides Superman and his archenemy Doomsday, the issue also featured cameo appearance of Martian Manhunter as Bloodwynd and Ice. Regular characters such as Martha Kent, Jonathan Kent, Jimmy Olsen and Cat Grant were also present in this issue.

The issue was published on January 1993. The script and drawing was by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breedings were behind the inks. John Costanza worked as the letter whereas Glenn Whitmore was behind the impressive colors of the issue. Mike Carlin was the editor of the issue.

This issue was a big hit among the readers and ended up to be the best selling comic book of that year. Till now, the collector’s edition is considered to be an desirable item for the fans. However, both the newsstand edition and collector’s edition are available. You have to pay around $6 for a newsstand edition whereas it will cost around $20 for a Collector’s edition with all the souvenirs.

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