Amazing Spider-Man # 50 came with the one of the most spectacular cover and storyline of the series. Besides being a landmark issue, it introduced Kingpin who later evolved to be the most organized villain of Marvel universe. The book also mentioned the origin of Spider-man to some extend, and a brief flashback of Uncle Ben. Above all, the main attraction was Peter Parker’s decision to quit his superhero life. The 20-page story came with the shocking title “Spider-Man No More!” which was enough to turn the comic lovers’ heads around.

The neo-classic cover depicting Peter Parker against the background of Spidey suggests the story of dumping his red costume. This cover was done by John Romita. The issue featured almost every important person of Peter’s life: Harry Osborn, Miles Warren, Aunt May, Anna Watson, J. Jonah Jameson, Frederick Foswell, Uncle Ben and of course, Mary Jane Watson. In spite of the first appearance of Kingpin, Spiderman and Kingpin did not fight face to face in these books, which actually took place in the very next issue. Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon made guest appearance in this issue as well.

This issue was published on July 1967 from Marvel. The story was written by Spiderman’s creator himself, Stan Lee. John Romita created the cover and the artworks inside. Mickey Demeo was the man with the ink and the lettering was arranged by Sam Rosen. Stan Lee was the editor as well.

This issue was a big hit and still regarded as one of the best read of Amazing Spiderman series. Presence of all major characters, introduction of Kingpin, classic Romita cover and artworks, and the crossroad of Spiderman’s life- what more a comic book fan could ask for? However, a real deal of the book is quite hard to find and expensive as well. The price ranges from $100 to $200 usually. A few reprints are also available at cheaper rate.

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