The New Mutants # 98 is a breakthrough issue of the series as Deadpool appeared in this issue for the first time ever. A complicated storyline, participation of a number of characters and great artwork made the book a treasure of modern age comic.

Three newly introduced characters were the main focus on the cover. Deadpool, Gideon and Domino- all have a full figure illustration on the cover. Along with these three new characters, a handful of other characters were present in this issue such as Boom Boom, Cable, Canonball, Emmanuel DaCosta, Rictor and Sunspot. Though Domino was introduced as a new character in this issue, it was revealed later the she was actually the Copycat, the shape shifter mutant.

This book was published on February 1991, from Marvel. Fabian Nicieza wrote the story and Rob Liefeld worked as the illustrator. Leifeld was involved in many stages og making this issue- he assisted in writing, he made the artworks inside and the cover as well. Joe Rosen was the letterer for this issue whereas Bob Harras was responsible for editing this issue.

This book is still not very hard to find. For a price around $250, you can buy it from auction sites and comic selling sites. Collect a copy and be a proud owner of the historical comic book that brought Deadpool into Marvel Universe.

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