Following the huge popularity of Conan the Barbarian, Volume 1 of the magazine “The Savage Sword of Conan” was published in August 1974 featuring more stories of Conan. A panel of talented comic artists and writers contributed to that magazine and as a result it became equally successful as Conan the Barbarian series. Just being the premier issue of the magazine, it’s already important for Conan fans. Nevertheless, this issue had also included some fine artworks.

The cover features Conan and his warrior lady Red Sonja fighting side by side. Boris Vallejo made this powerful cover. “Sword vs. Sorcery in a world beyond time” inscribed on the bottom left corner of the cover perfectly expressed the effort by Roy Thomas to gather the heroic fantasy world of Robert E Howard. The 82 pages of the magazine featured seven items. Besides the ever popular Cimmerian hero Conan the Barbarian, there were also Kull, Red Sonja and Blackmark in the lead roles of different stories.

The magazine was published in August 1974 from Marvel Comics. The cover story is “Curse of the Undead-Man,” an adaptation from an unpublished story of Howard entitled “Mistress of Death”. Red Sonja took the central role in the next story. She was also featured in the essay named “Conan’s Women Warriors”. The editorial describing the intention and focus of the magazine entitled “A Hyperborean Oath” is an extremely good read. Blackmark, a Conan-inspired Character was featured in “The Blackmark”, a four part story which ran through the next three issues as well. King Kull was was featured in the story entitled “An Atlantean in Aquilonia”. Another Conan story, “The Frost Giant’s Daughter” concluded the book. Fans still consider it as one of the classic ‘Conan’ piece in terms of artistic excellence and storyline.

The panel of the magazine had some very famous names in comics world. Roy Thomas was the chief editor and writer. Artists like John Buscema, Barry Windsor-Smith, Esteban Maroto and Gil Kane worked behind the fantastic artworks. Pablo Marcos, Barry Windsor-Smith, Ernie Chan and Neal Adams were the inkers for different items. Joe Rosen and Art Simek worked as Letterer. Fred Blosser wrote the piece on the Woman Warriors.

This magazine issue is pretty hard to find. However, it does not cost that much. A collector has to pay around $12 for one piece of this issue.

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