Wolverine 1 Cover

Wolverine #1, which came out with the title “Sword Quest”, initiated the popular solo series of Wolverine. Wolverine, one of the most popular members of X-men first appeared in the 180th issue of Incredible Hulk in October 1974. The growing popularity of the character led Marvel to launch a 4-issue mini-series by Frank Miller in September 1982. However, the real solo book series was launched in November 1988. Through this series, Wolverine flourished to become a celebrated mutant super-hero. The series ran for 189 issues.

The signature image of Wolverine- an aggressive pose with his retracting bone claws visible from closed fists is prevalent in the cover of this issue. The long awaited inauguration of Wolverine’s own series is also declared on the cover- ‘At last- in his own monthly series!” Lindsay McCabe was the main sidekick of this issue whereas Banapur Khan, the prince of pirates played the role of villain. Kojima Noburo, personal secretary of Wolverine’s love interest and Captain Lee Kwan Pen were other notable characters. The story took place in Telambang and Madripoor, two islands of Marvel universe.

The issue was written by Chris Claremont and drawn by John Buscema. John Buscema along with John Byrne and Al Williamson made the spectacular cover. Tom DeFalco and Robert Harras took care of the editing of this issue. Glynis Oliver, Tom Orzechowski, and Al Williamson were the colorists, letterer and inker respectively. Published in November of 1988, the issue has now become a collector’s item after 21 years.

In spite of quite high demand, this issue is surprisingly still available at relatively low price. A few copies are available of e-bay, yahoo and amazon. It can be also purchased through dedicated comic selling websites such as comiccollectorlive. The price of a near mint condition copy can be as high as $30. However, in most places the price ranges from $15 to $20.

Interestingly, though it was the starting mark of Wolverine, he was under a pseudonym in this issue. Wolverine was under the name ‘Patch’ as he had to hide his identity. If you are a comic lover, search for the issue right away and collect it.

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