In the Fantastic Four #10, Doctor Doom returns to plague the Fantastic Four. This issue is a milestone comic book in the Marvel Universe. It is the first time that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby appear on the cover (and inside panels) of a Marvel comic book.

This issue, titled “The Return of Doctor Doom” was published in January, 1963. The story is by Stan Lee and pencilled by Jack Kirby. Inked by Dick Ayers.

In the story, Dr. Doom uses Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to trick the FF. As a result, he is able to switch bodies with Reed. Stan and Jack appear in the story on a number of pages, but not with a direct view of their faces.

Early Fantastic Four comics are very valuable, but hard to price. They are readily available on most major comic book dealer websites, but are typically lower grade. Therefore, the price is somewhat reduced.

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