This is a short post to update everyone on 10 mil mylar for your vintage comics. Last week I wrote about this new product from Bill Cole Enterprises and sent them a request for a sample.

I received the mylar sample in the mail. It was not a full mylar. There is no way you could fit a comic book inside. I suppose the sample was to showcase the thickness and the sealed edges.

The edges are well sealed. Compared to some of their products I have used in the past, it does not seem as though this product would have any issues such as splitting at the edges.

It is an “archive” mylar. That is the open top type to slide your comic down into. There is no flap.

The thickness is noticeably thicker than normal mylar. However, it is not as rigid as I thought it would be. Given this, I believe you would still need a backing board to protect your old comics with. That sort of defeats the whole reason I would consider purchasing 10 mil mylar. It will be fine in your storage system as it fits in standard comic boxes. So, for now, I think I’ll pass on this product.

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