Adventure Comics # 40 is one of the most important classic issues of this long-running series from DC. The issue featured a handful of characters including The Sandman, Barry O’Neill, Jack Woods, Captain Desmo, Don Coyote, Bulldog Martin, Socko Strong, Skip Schuyler, Rusty and Taurus the Bull. The issue featured 11 comic stories along with one text story.

The classic cover of this Golden Age comic issue featured The Sandman in action on its cover. The cover was drawn by Creig Flessel. Comic stories of many genres such as superhero, detective, adventure and sports made this issue a complete package for the comic lovers.

This issue came out in the market in July, 1939. The cover story, entitles “The Tarantula Strikes” featured an adventure of The Sandman while he went into the investigation of famous actress. The story was written and illustrated by Bert Christman. The next story is the 3rd installment of “The Suicide of Major Duval”, an adventure of Barry O’Neill by Ed Winiarski. A detective story about Federal agents entitled “The Tarryville Counterfeiters” comes next. It was penned by Jerry Siegal and drawn by Shuster Shop. Another detective story “Wolf Ruckson’s Trap: Part 2” was the next. Jim Chambers wrote and illustrated this piece. “Captured by Col. Benback: Part 2”, an adventure story of Captain Desmo comes next. This stylish story by Ed Winiarski was printed in only three colors: red, black and white. Part 3 of Fred Schwab’s fantasy adventure “A Playboy in King Arthur’s Court” is claimed to feature the first ever appearance of William Shakespeare in any comics. Another adventure “Slow Motion’s Double” by Bart Tumey came next, featuring Bulldog Martin as the central character. The only text story named “Money Makers” was the next item. Frank Thomas wrote this 2-page long intense adventure piece. “The Flying Dutchman” a sports adventure story by Joseph Sulman appeared next. Then came an adventure story of Skip Schuyler entitled “The Kidnapping of Donna Carnochan”, written and drawn by Tom Hickey. It was followed by a Boby Kane adventure “The Pirate Ship: Conclusion”. Bart Tumey came again with the story “Taurus the Bull” to conclude the issue.

This issue is quite rare to find. As one of the most desired item from the golden age, it is highly expensive as well. The price of an original can be well over $45,000.

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