Often times, a person with vintage comics, or an old comic book collection has no idea of their value. The comic books may have been inherited, or, found in an attic, stored away for many years. What the person really wants to know if whether or not they have collectible rare comic books.

To determine if you have collectible comics, there are three general guidelines. Those are age, desirability and condition.

Old Comic Books

The first rule is to determine how old are the comic books in your collection. Generally, the older your comics, the more collectible the comic book may be. Though not always true, this is a good general guideline. For example, a Golden Age comic book, or a comic from the Silver Age is probably more collectible than a comic from the last 10 years.

There are exceptions. For example, a copy of The Walking Dead #1 is currently more collectible than most Secret Hearts #3 from the late Golden Age.


The next rule is how desirable the comic is. Higher means the comic is more collectible and probably has a higher value as well. For example, superhero comic books are currently more desirable western comics. However, there was a period in the 1950’s where western comics were considered more collectible. Detective Comics #27, the very first appearance of Batman, is more collectible than Famous Funnies #1, the first comic book.

Comic Book Condition

The final piece to determine how collectible your old comic book is, is its condition. It is possible for some rare early comic books to be in excellent condition. In that case, it is worth more than the same comic book in a poor condition. In comic book collecting, condition has several levels. A future article will review all those levels.

So, there you have it, the general rules for determining how collectible your rare, and not so rare, comic books are.

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