Though not belonging to the golden age, most of Marvel’s series early issues are quite significant and valuable nowadays. Such is the case of Fantastic Four #5, which features the first appearance of Marvel Universe’s king of villains – Doctor Doom. Victor Von Doom, a former fellow student of Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic), arrives by helicopter to the Baxter Building, imprisoning the team and blackmailing its three male members into carrying out a strange plan, least they want Sue Storm killed. They must travel to the past using one of Doom’s inventions and steal pirate Blackbeard’s treasure chest, whose contents supposedly will grant its owner mystical powers.

Thus, this is one of the occasional Marvel stories where time travel occurs, and despite its implausibility it makes for entertaining reading, including a fun twist. Of course, Jack Kirby’s art elevates the affair above the average comic-book. Pirate story notwithstanding, the real highlight of this issue is obviously Doctor Doom’s appearance and origin story, which would get quite more elaborated over the years. Copies have become quite rare, and if you find one in prime condition, you must be ready to pay around $13000 for it.

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