The Featured Comic Book Dealer is an ongoing series to profile the online comic book dealers and websites that are shown in the comic book search results of

Collectors Assemble is one of the websites run by long-time reputable dealer Marnin Rosenberg. The name is a play on the call for the Avengers, Avengers, Assemble!

The site is focused primarily on Gold, Silver and some Bronze age comics. Many are high grade. The site is organized by grouped auctions. Within each auction section, are a series of related books that you can bid on. The auctions don’t really have an expiration date. The format is more like a best offer type of site where you submit your bid and see if it is accepted.

I have purchased directly from this site and received excellent customer service over the phone. I can’t comment on shipping since Marnin made it easy for me to pick up my comic at a convention.

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