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Featured Comic Book Dealer: ComicConnect

The Featured Comic Book Dealer is an ongoing series to profile the online comic book dealers and websites that are shown in the comic book search results of is a 1-year old comic book marketplace and comic exchange. It is owned by Metropolis Comics. Initially, the comic book inventory on the site was primarily owned by Metropolis, however, in the past several months, some great Silver and Bronze Age comics from Marvel and DC have started to appear. They were added to the search results of ComicSeeker because the selection is growing, and, the site provides large, clear images of comics for sale.

As a marketplace, ComicConnect works on a “Best Offer” system. That is, comic book sellers list their comics at an asking price. Buyers, once they find a comic book they are interested in, can purchase the comic at the set price or make an offer. The seller can choose to accept or reject the offer to purchase their comic book.

Once a comic book is sold, the seller must ship it to ComicConnect. ComicConnect will then verify that the buyer will receive the described comic and then ship it out.

Recently, ComicConnect has started auctions as well. It remains to be seen if their auctions will become a force in the hobby.

Scroll to the top of this page to search their inventory for the rare old comic you are looking for.

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