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Featured Comic Book Dealer: ComicLink

Second to Ebay, ComicLink is one of the largest dealers of comic books and comic art on the Internet. Although, to be fair, like Ebay, they aren’t a traditional comic book dealer but more of a consignment house. However, what that gets you is one of the largest selections of raw and CGC graded comic books available on the Internet.

ComicLink is best known for their comic book marketplace. You can search or browse for comics from just about all the different ages, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Modern. You can make an outright purchase of any listed comic, or, place an offer to buy. For any offer, ComicLink will forward the offer to the comic owner who can accept, reject or counter your offer.

When it comes to truly rare or high priced comic books, ComicLink has regular auctions as well. You can easily consign your comics for sale by completing an online form and sending in your comic books.

ComicLink also sells original comic art. However, this aspect of their business is not large . . . yet.

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