With the recent announcement that America’s favorite teenager, Archie Andews, would soon be engaged to Betty or Veronica, we thought that it would be interesting for you to learn the first appearance of Archie.

Archie first appeared in Pep Comics #22 in December 1941. With multiple stories in each issue, Pep Comics was considered an anthology comic. It featured many superhero, including The Shield on the cover of this issue. Published by MLJ Comics, the company was trying to find their own superhero hit to match Superman, Batman and Captain Marvel.

Fortunately for us, they gave Archie Andrews a shot. With his antics and fawning over Betty and Veronica, Archie quickly became a hit. He appeared regularly in Pep Comics from #22 onward. Eventually, MLJ put Archie as the lead on the cover. Then, Archie and the gang eventually took over the whole comic book.

Less than 3 years after Archie first appeared, MLJ changed their name to Archie Comics. Since then, he has been published continuously for almost 70 years.

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