A major key of the comic book universe is Flash #123, published by DC in 1961. This issue was titled “Flash of Two Worlds” and featured the re-appearance of the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick and the first mention of Earth-2.

The story was written by Gardner Fox, illustrated by Carmine Infantino and inked by Joe Giella. In the story, Barry Allen, in his alter-ego of the Flash, is demonstrating his superspeed when he vibrates his molecules at a unique frequency. The result, Flash is transported to Keystone City on Earth-2.

The concept of Earth-2 allowed DC to resurrect many of their Golden Age comic book characters into the Silver Age. The stories continued into the 1980’s when DC consolidated their universe with Infinite Crisis.

Flash 123 remains a very popular comic today. Many comic book collectors consider it under-valued, but prices seem to be stable, ranging from less than $100 for a low grade copy to several thousand for high grade.

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