For a long time now, old and rare comic books have not been cheap. When you take a look at the blue chips of the comic book market, they can be downright pricey. Rob, over at It’s All Just Comics, maintains a list of comic books that are valued at $100,000 or more. I thought it would be interesting to discuss a few of them.

With the tremendous popularity of Spider-Man today, it is no surprise that his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 is one of the most valuable comics. The CGC graded 9.4 White Mountain pedigree copy was sold for $150,000. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this comic book is relatively common, having been published well into the Silver Age. So, the availability factor will keep this comic from approaching the value of comicdoms holy grail, Action Comics #1.

Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman and the start of the Golden Age of Comics, not to mention the first superhero, is likely the most valuable, grade wise, of any comic book. In 2006, a CGC 6.5 copy sold for $250,000. It is not unreasonable to assume that should the Mile High copy, or any copy in the 9.0 or better range come up for sale, it may become the first $1,000,000 comic book.

Next on the list would be the first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics #27. Appearing without Robin, the Dark Knight’s first appearance is easily the 3rd most valuable comic book in the world. Rob shows a CGC 7.0 selling for $200,000 in recent years. Also from the Golden Age, this comic is tough to come by in any condition.

So, there you have the 3 most valuable comics in the world. In a future post, we’ll take a look at some of the other comics in the $100k club.

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