What I love about ComicSeeker.com is that the entire world of comic books is available to you from one website. To find your old comic book, you simply enter it into our search box above and view your results.

However, once in a while I get questions about how to find old comic books out in the real world. Can you find a Fantastic Four 48 at a yard sale? Or, what about Giant Size X-Men 1 at a flea market? Chances are you can find these comics anywhere. Unfortunately, the likelihood is somewhat low.

For years, I used to stop at every garage and yard sale hoping for a golden age comic or my favorite, a Showcase 4, the first appearance of the Flash. It never happened.

I would say that my best find was a stack of old Archie comics. Not bad at 10 cents each, but certainly nothing to add to my collection.

So, where can you look in the real world to find vintage and rare comics, besides a garage sale. Well, flea markets are one place to try. Another place are fund raiser sales, like at churchs or charity events. Also, check the classified ads in your local newspaper, you never know what will turn up there. For something old, you can try an estate sale.

Your comic book search in the real world will usually result in very little. But, once in a long while, just maybe, you might be the person to find a Detective 27. Good luck.

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