Amazing, the original artwork, all interior pages, not the cover, to Amazing Fantasy #15 have been anonymously donated to the Library of Congress (read about it here).

As many of you know, the comic book, Amazing Fantasy #15 is the first appearance and origin of The Amazing Spider-Man. The comic book itself is the most valuable comic of the Silver Age, many would consider the original art priceless. If it were to sell, it would easily pass one million dollars. Of course, now that the complete story is in the hands of the Library of Congress, the artwork will always belong to the public.

The artwork is in great shape. And, once it is processed by the Library, it will be available for public viewing, under certain conditions. So, the next time you make it to Washington DC, be sure to check out this one of a kind treasure. While you’re there, the library has its own impressive collection of comic book original art to view as well.

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