Protecting your rare and valuable comics is a serious consideration for every comic book collector. For newer comics, many of you simply keep the comic in a poly bag with a simple backing board for stiffness.

However, as you begin to think about more expensive comics, such as your high grade Marvel Amazing Spider-Man comics, you need to think about better protection. For most comic collectors, that means mylar and an acid free backing board. Most people buy the 2 mil mylar that has a flap that can be folded and taped shut. Others prefer the 4-mil comic book mylars that are open on top and you can slide the comic in easily.

I use the 2 mil mylar bags for everything, including my vintage Golden Age comics. I usually buy them from E. Gerber or HotFlips. However, Bill Cole Enterprises just announced the 10 mil thick mylar sleeve.

10 mil is very thick for storing comics. As a matter of fact, they claim you can consider storing your comics in the sleeve without a protective backing board. This can save a lot of money. But, more importantly, can give you the view of the back of your comic book without having to take it out of the sleeve.

Is 10 mil mylar overkill? That’s possible. But, for some collectors, more is better. We’ll see how the market takes to this new comic book storage solution.

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