The Silver Surfer debuted in the Fantastic Four series as a secondary character, conceived by Jack Kirby, who introduced him as the herald of interplanetary conqueror Galactus. Despite not being pleased with Kirby creating a character without asking him, Stan Lee soon developed a great fondness for the Surfer, and over time he’d write numerous stories for him. Such was the case of his first solo series, which debuted in 1968, written by Lee and drawn by Marvel classic John Buscema, Silver Surfer #1. The stories were different in tone to most of Marvel’s titles, and revolved mainly about humanity as seen by the Surfer, who would often be taken for a villain by people and the government, in a story that somewhat parallels that of the Hulk. Originally an alien being who was granted cosmic powers by Galactus, the surfer is confined on Earth after falling from grace with his master. The main character’s nobleman-like speech was one of the title’s main features.

This original series lasted only for 17 issues, but the Surfer remained popular and made regular reappearances in the Marvel Universe, till he got his second series almost 20 years after the first one, in 1987. This time, the cosmic hero had a long and succesful run, which lasted for more than a decade, during which he’d finally break his confinement and live numerous adventures in outer space. Although he’s interacted with several characters of the Marvel Universe, Silver Surfer is most closely related with the Fantastic Four, and many of his fans are also followers of the quartet. As with other early Marvel titles, there are not many mint copies of Silver Surfer #1 in existence, and one in prime condition can reach a price of $1150.

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