The comic book collecting community has taken an obvious stance when it comes to pricing restored comic books. Generally, a restored comic book is valued between one-fourth and one-half of the value of the same book, in the same condition, but unrestored.

This trend is only about 6-8 years old, since the advent of CGC encapsulation and the disclosure of restoration on CGC labels. In fact, there is a term that has been given to CGC graded comics that have identified restoration, PLOD. PLOD stands for Purple Label of Death. CGC puts a purple label on comic books that they have found to have restoration.

How do you price a comic book that has disclosed restoration? There are several factors, but the main ones are the degree of restoration, the type of restoration and the grade of the comic.

First, the grade of the comic. If the comic is high grade, it generally will have a greater penalty on the value. The lower grade, the less the penalty.

The degree and type of restoration is interesting to calculate. Much of the value will be determined by the buyer’s perception of the restoration. Some buyers will consider color touch differently than cover cleaning. But, the end result is somewhat similar.

However, it is clear that the more restoration there is, the greater the discount on the comic book.

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