Weird Science Fantasy # 29 was the last issue of this pioneer sci-fi and fantasy comic magazine from EC comics. It came with a classic cover made by Frank Frazetta. Interestingly, he actually made this cover for a Famous Funnies/ Buck Rogers issue. But the cover was considered to be too much violent for that series. Weird Science-Fantasy comic magazine was one of the earliest comic franchises for fantasy and science fiction stories. This very popular magazine was originated from two other bi-monthlies of EC comics, Weird Science and Weird Fantasy. These two magazines were merged together to formulate Weird Science-Fantasy.

This issue came with four science fiction and fantasy stories. The titles of the stories are The Chosen One, Vicious Circle, Genesis and Adam Link in Business. The creators of these four stories were respectively Wally Wood, Al Williamson, Reed Crandall, and Joe Orlando.

Weird Science-Fantasy Magazine started as a quarterly magazine with issue # 23 in March 1954. However, with issue # 27 it became a bi-monthly and ran for seven issues before the ending with issue number 29. As a bi-monthly, this issue of the magazine was for the period of May-June, 1955. Bill Gains was the publisher of the magazine while Al Feldstein was responsible as the editor.

This issue marked the conclusion of a revolutionary comic magazine series. Besides that, the classic artwork was sufficient to create a high value of this issue on its own merit. It is easy to explain why this issue is such highly demanded. The price of these extremely rare classic could be as high as $8000 even. Nonetheless, the issue can be found at a much cheaper rate, depending on the condition of the book.

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