For many collectors, the only comics worth having in their collection are high grade comics. The aesthetic of the comic book and collectibility increases when the comic book is in better condition. But, considering that grading comic books is so subjective, one persons high grade treasure could be another persons mid-grade filler.

First off, age certainly is the strongest indicator of the acceptable grade range for the high grade comic book collector. A comic book from 1990 would have to be near mint to mint to be considered high grade by many collectors.

On the other hand, a Golden Age comic book in very fine is extremely tough to find and considered, by many, to be very high grade. For many Golden Age collectors, Fine to Very Fine is high grade. More likely, a VF comic from the early 1960’s would be high grade for many comic book collectors.

For you bronze age comic book collectors, I would call 9.0 and higher high grade. Those VF/NM books are plentiful, but can be hard to find.

For anyone collecting high grade, there is also a financial consideration. The higher the grade, the rarer the comic book. As a result, the value of the comic is likely to be exponentially higher. For example, silver age Marvels in the 9.6 range can be anywhere from 2-10 times the price of the 9.2 version of the same comic.

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