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Iron Fist #14 – First Sabretooth, Wolverine’s Enemy

Iron Fist #14, was published by Marvel Comics in 1977. Iron Fist would end with the last issue, making it a classic Bronze Age short run. However, most notable for this series was this 14th issue, which was newstand priced at 30 cents (or 35 cents, depending on which version you picked up).

This issue is most noted as the first appearance of Sabretooth, a key villain in the Marvel Universe. Actually, Sabretooth is a key villain of Wolverine. So, although the series was short lived, Iron Fist remains highly valued due to this first appearance. Although Iron Fist wins in the end, he does get a good beating by Sabretooth, making for a good read.

This issue was written by Chris Claremont and pencilled by John Byrne. The comic is readily available in most grades, and, considering the cost of Wolverine’s first appearance in Hulk 181, this is very much affordable. Relaunch Expands Results, Improves Speed Relaunch Expands Meta-Search Engine Results, Improves Speed in Search for Vintage Comic Books

A search engine for vintage comic books, the newly relaunched has greater reach across the internet providing users with relevant results quickly to enhance their Internet shopping for comic books.

The website was relaunched today with enhanced search features, greater reach across the Internet, and improved performance. Collectors of vintage Gold, Silver and Bronze Age comic books can search for their desired comics on the Internet, from a single web page. Results displayed are retrieved from national comic book dealer and auction websites. The results show comic book titles, issue number and pricing based on the user criteria.

“When I created, there wasn’t a single place on the Internet to search for comic books, resulting in me having to go through several bookmarks, visiting each site, usually with limited success,” commented Jay Fayloga, founder of “Now, with this relaunch, I have streamlined my original vision, making it easy to use the Internet to find old comic books.” will retrieve results from 15 major comic book dealers and auction sites. The relaunch has improved the search engine logic, and at the same time, increased the number of searched sites by 50% from the old site results. The relaunch also includes a redesign of the search results page, streamlined to display more results than previously available. When a user finds the comic they were searching for, they simply click the comic to be taken to the dealer site to complete the purchase.

Another new key new feature is making search statistics available to anyone. All searches are logged, providing market insight into the current most popular comic book titles and issues. As would be expected, Spider-Man in the various search terms is most popular. Surprisingly, Spawn just makes the top 10 most popular titles searched. Moving into the top 35 in the past couple of months have been Archie and Green Lantern. Archie has received a lot of media attention as a result of his announced marriage to Veronica. Green Lantern has been rising due to the movie currently in production.

“With this relaunch, the site has become much more useful,” says Fayloga. “It will be interesting to watch the market data change over time as people search for the old comic books they love.”

Fantastic Four #10 – The Return of Doctor Doom

In the Fantastic Four #10, Doctor Doom returns to plague the Fantastic Four. This issue is a milestone comic book in the Marvel Universe. It is the first time that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby appear on the cover (and inside panels) of a Marvel comic book.

This issue, titled “The Return of Doctor Doom” was published in January, 1963. The story is by Stan Lee and pencilled by Jack Kirby. Inked by Dick Ayers.

In the story, Dr. Doom uses Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to trick the FF. As a result, he is able to switch bodies with Reed. Stan and Jack appear in the story on a number of pages, but not with a direct view of their faces.

Early Fantastic Four comics are very valuable, but hard to price. They are readily available on most major comic book dealer websites, but are typically lower grade. Therefore, the price is somewhat reduced.

Flash 123 – Flash of Two Worlds

A major key of the comic book universe is Flash #123, published by DC in 1961. This issue was titled “Flash of Two Worlds” and featured the re-appearance of the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick and the first mention of Earth-2.

The story was written by Gardner Fox, illustrated by Carmine Infantino and inked by Joe Giella. In the story, Barry Allen, in his alter-ego of the Flash, is demonstrating his superspeed when he vibrates his molecules at a unique frequency. The result, Flash is transported to Keystone City on Earth-2.

The concept of Earth-2 allowed DC to resurrect many of their Golden Age comic book characters into the Silver Age. The stories continued into the 1980’s when DC consolidated their universe with Infinite Crisis.

Flash 123 remains a very popular comic today. Many comic book collectors consider it under-valued, but prices seem to be stable, ranging from less than $100 for a low grade copy to several thousand for high grade.

Secrets of Haunted House

Happy Halloween. In honor of today, ComicSeeker proudly displays a classic bronze age horror/suspense comic book cover from DC. This is Secrets of Haunted House, published in 1975. Art is by Luis Dominguez.

Amazing Spider-man #50, Spider-Man No More

Arguably, one of the greatest Amazing Spider-Man covers is #50 and the story titled “Spider-Man No More”. This issue features a large image of Spider-Man on the mostly all red cover. Peter Parker is walking away from the spidey image with his head down.

This issue has the first appearance of one of Marvel’s greatest villains, Kingpin. The story was written by Stan Lee and illustrated by John Romita Sr. Inks were done by Mickey Demeo. The 12 cent issue was on the newstands July of 1967.

The story is just as great as the cover. Although it is the beginning of an arc, there are many aspects that Stan Lee put into this story that are classic Spider-Man. Peter Parker dealing with school, Aunt May getting sick and J. Jonah putting a price on Spider-Man. Although Kingpin doesn’t appear until halfway through this issue, there is plenty of spider swinging action.

Amazing Spider-Man 50 is a classic of the Silver Age of comics. The current value for this issue is fairly high, but reprints are affordably priced and easily available.

Tales of Suspense 39, First Iron Man

Recently, there has been some confusion about the first appearance of Iron Man. It is understandable. He appeared in several different comics before Tony Stark appeared in Iron Man #1.

The first appearance of Iron Man, in a grey suit, was in Tales of Suspense 39. This classic issue was written by Stan Lee. In addition, Iron Man appeared in the one-shot of Iron Man Sub-Mariner #1 before Iron Man 1.

Offline Search for Old Comic Books

What I love about is that the entire world of comic books is available to you from one website. To find your old comic book, you simply enter it into our search box above and view your results.

However, once in a while I get questions about how to find old comic books out in the real world. Can you find a Fantastic Four 48 at a yard sale? Or, what about Giant Size X-Men 1 at a flea market? Chances are you can find these comics anywhere. Unfortunately, the likelihood is somewhat low.

For years, I used to stop at every garage and yard sale hoping for a golden age comic or my favorite, a Showcase 4, the first appearance of the Flash. It never happened.

I would say that my best find was a stack of old Archie comics. Not bad at 10 cents each, but certainly nothing to add to my collection.

So, where can you look in the real world to find vintage and rare comics, besides a garage sale. Well, flea markets are one place to try. Another place are fund raiser sales, like at churchs or charity events. Also, check the classified ads in your local newspaper, you never know what will turn up there. For something old, you can try an estate sale.

Your comic book search in the real world will usually result in very little. But, once in a long while, just maybe, you might be the person to find a Detective 27. Good luck.

Red Hot Avengers 4, First Captain America

It’s hard to believe that almost a year ago, we posted about the growing popularity of Avengers #4, the first appearance in the Silver Age of Captain America. See this post.

Well, a recent check of the ComicSeeker database shows that Avengers 4 has become even more popular. Considering the Marvel comics movie line-up, it is no surprise that the book remains popular. But, for a single issue, it remains more popular than Fantastic Four 1, Amazing Fantasy 15 or any other Marvel key from the Silver Age.

Archie Soap Opera with Betty and Veronica

Well, news reports of Archie marrying Veronica have now switched. Reports are now saying in the upcoming Archie #603, that he marries Betty. What?

Is this an unfortunate ploy by Archie’s publisher to sell more comics? You bet. From the fans point of view, has all this been good or bad? Regardless, it has made for some great conversation.

But, what is most exciting, is how mainstream Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of the gang are with American culture. From all the news reports, the assumption is there, we all know who Archie is. We know his gals, Betty and Veronica. And, we know the rest, such as Reggie, Jughead, Mr. Weatherbee.

Even if this is all just a dream of Archie’s, the winner here is comics. Hopefully, there are just a few more of you out there.

If you’re looking for more Archie info, use the search engine. Archie’s first appearance was Pep Comics 22.