With the hype and publicity surrounding the special appearance of Barrack Obama in the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, I missed the apparent death of Batman. This happened in Final Crisis #6. The last issue of Final Crisis, #7, comes out today.

First off, spoiler alert. Don’t read ahead if you don’t want to know what happens.

So, how did Batman die? In a battle with Darkseid, Batman gets zapped with Omega Beams. Yes, his body is definitely zapped, cooked, fried or any other adjective that you can use.

But, did he really die? Apparently, an Omega Beam trapped the person, sans body, in an alternate universe of hell. This wasn’t bought up in the issue, but it is backstory.

Will Batman live again. In my opinion, absolutely. You can’t kill the comic book character and hope to keep the movie franchise going. So, look for Batman, in one form or another, to be back within the next few months.

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